Machine capacities

Bending roll machines from Nosstec are all divided in different machine capacities.

With a machine capacity like 8266, 25/65 we actually define this as:

8266 – machine type
25 – working length in dm (100mm), e.g. 25 = 25 x 100 = w max 2500mm
65 – sheet thickness in tenths of millimeters (0,1mm), e.g. 65 = 65 x 0,1 = t max 6,5mm

The thickness value is always based on mild carbon steel with a yield point of 400N/mm².

Workpieces made of stainless steel will reduce the machine capacity regarding max thickness and as a rule of thumb we must reduce the max thickness by a third, i.e. 8266, 25/65 will get a theoretical max thickness of 4,3mm (6,5mm x (2 / 3)).

Overriding the max capacity will result in a workpiece that not is perfectly rounded along the length since the rolls will bend away and in worst case the machine will break.

Min diameter of the workpiece

As an example, the 8266, 25/65 has a upper roll diameter of 140mm. As a rule of thumb we calculate 140mm +20% to obtain the theoretical minimum diameter that a workpiece can have after the first lap in the roll process. In this example the 140mm roll will be able to roll a minimum 168mm diameter workpieces. If a workpiece is run several laps the diameter can be further reduced.