In order to produce round tubes or rounded profiles a prebending is a must. Our different roll setups work in different ways as shown here.

Please note: The prebending capacity is about 70% of the max thickness specified, e.g. the 8266, 12/40 has a prebending capacity of 2,8mm (4,0mm x 0,7).

Asymmetrical roll set-up where the sheet metal has to be run from the backside initially thereafter from the front.
Fixed carrier on 8344 CNC machine make pre-bending and bending operation in the same run direction by tilting backward and forward.
CNC machine 8268 with individual rolls give a very efficient prebending and bending process.
CNC machine 8835 work in the same way as 8268 but no tubes can be produced since no lock arm is used for this reflector assigned machine.

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